Uniform Policy


  • Polo style in red, navy, or white

  • White button down oxford with collar

  • Short or long sleeve

  • North DeSoto spirit shirts may be worn on designated days

  • North DeSoto spirit sweatshirts and hoodies may be worn (red, navy, white, and gray)

  • Turtlenecks or undershirts are permissible

  • 5th grade students must tuck in their shirts


  • If the shoe has laces they must be tied

  • Velcro shoes must be fastened

  • All shower shoes and flip flops are prohibited

  • No open toe shoes

  • Socks must coordinate with school uniform


  • Extreme hair styles are not permitted.  Extreme hair styles are those deemed by the principal as a distraction.  

  • No alternative hair colors permitted.

  • All hairstyles must be natural hair color.  Natural hair color is a color that can be grown by a human being.


  • Special Days are days that are designated by the administration in which other attire may be worn; however, all attire must be in accordance with district and school dress code policies.


  • All pants, shorts, capris, or skirts must be khaki or navy

  • Girl skirts and jumpers must be khaki, navy, or the approved plaid #37

  • No cargo pants or pockets on the lower leg

  • Pants must be hemmed and no holes or side slits or frayed material

  • Length of shorts must be within four inches of the knee when in a kneeling position

  • The top of the pants must be at the waist


  • Any belt worn must be either brown or black


  • All outerwear must coordinate with the school uniform (red, navy, white, and gray)

  • Uniform clothing may have brand emblems; however, the logos must not exceed more than 1 ½ square inches in size, and must follow the guidelines of the DeSoto Parish School Board.  North DeSoto (ND) insignia are permitted. 

  • Jackets/coats must be placed in lockers if not in accordance with the dress code. 

  • A uniform shirt (in school colors) must be worn underneath all hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweaters.